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Find an Instagram user ID with an automated

This tool called "Find Instagram User ID Without Login" provides an easy way for developers and designers to get Instagram account numeric ID by username. You don't need to log in, and you can use the tool for free with no limits. The only thing which is required to get your profile ID is an Instagram username. Searching a profile with this method can save you time and effort. So, if you need to know about your content, you can try out tools that work well. Some of these tools can help you find the user ID of the user.

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Last id entries found

IDUserFull nameFollowerFollowing
5807296291betsabe.2Elisa Diaz5711 750
1980698979jp.f15Joana Fernandes56156
5675233441putln2ᴘᴜᴛɪɴ ₂.₀1 8821 392
8155620226mircheski_Stefan ♑221178
1529546942daiberrojalbisDai Berrojalbis4811 771
1362090860xoabramxo1 222752
21223070084mblau92Markus Blau246
1700373014castoramapolskaCastorama Polska18 2804
916230439laposteLa Poste28 242118
52953621333i_am_aarav_zain201 121
51075994698shlsaazvhyy51 014

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How to get your instagram user id?

  • Enter your Instagram username in the box without the @ sign. For example: cristiano, leomessi, etc;
  • Press enter or click button;
  • Search Instagram user ID;
  • Grab or copy Instagram ID;
  • Share this link with your friends :)

Why Should You Use the Instagram User ID finder?

  1. Unlimited find id's.
  2. High-Speed search.
  3. Get followers and following count.
  4. No Signup required, our service is totally free.
  5. Get more Instagram followers with third party application.
  6. Search and lookup an Instagram user.

Video Tutorial: How to Find an Instagram User ID

No Login Required

No login to PC required.

Compatible With All Devices

This tool devices work with most modern smartphones.

User-Friendly Interface

The user interface is the point at which human users interact with a computer, website or application.

Learn step by step how to find an Instagram ID by its user name

To find Instagram user information with the user ID, you can just search for the user ID on to find the information about the user or brand to which the username belongs. The Instagram user id is a unique number associated with each profile. You can find your or anyone else’s user id if you know their username. Let’s dive right into it. instagram logo briks


Find Instagram User ID Step 1

Step:1. Enter Username in the Input Box

Find Instagram User ID Online Step 2

Step:2. Click the "Find ID" Button

Search Instagram Id Without Login Step 3

Step:3. Result Will be Generated

Manual or automated search?

Below we show you how you can find a user ID of a user in an automated and manual way. We will also explain to you how to return from an ID to an user. We recommend using this method to hide your real phone number, which you give your friends, online stores, etc. Thus, you'll keep your anonymity, and you won't lose access to your Instagram account.

Find an Instagram user ID manually:

Point 1: navigate to your target account. We use our own account for example: Taylor Swift.

Point 2: right click on "View page source" or CTRL+SHIFT+I or CTRL+Uinstagram taylorswift screen

Point 3: somewhere in the text of the page source the user ID of the user Taylor Swift is displayed. The question is: where? What we do first is to open the Find function to search for text. We do this by typing in Ctrl + F. A search screen at the bottom left of our page appears. instagram taylorswift source code

Point 4: in the search bar we enter the text "profilePage_". Part of the text is now highlighted. The number series that follows (11830955) is the unique Instagram user ID of the user taylorswift.instagram taylorswift find id

Method 1: Browser Tools

The only way to calculate a user ID on Instagram that does not require special third-party tools is to use the browser console on your PC. It is important to note here that most solutions are limited to your own profile and regardless of the option, they also require authorization.

From the top menu, go to section "Console".insert the code below and press the button "ENTER". If you do it correctly, your own account identification number will appear immediately, highlighted in double quotes. window._sharedData.config.viewerId

This method is not suitable for calculating other people's IDs.

Find an Instagram user ID with an automated tool

There are various websites and tools that you can use to find the user ID of an user on Instagram. For example, you can enter a username on the website, after which you will see the ID of the relevant user. Other websites include and

Do you prefer to use browser extensions? Then the Google Chrome Helper tools for Instagram extension might be something for you. With this tool you can map more profile information and automatically download lists of followers.

Method 2: Online Service

There is a very limited number of third-party services in the Internet that offer the possibility of transforming a login into an identifier, of which we will consider only one, which is distinguished by its stability and is available on different platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to log in to Instagram to search Id?

No, you don't require to log in to your Instagram account for this service.

Can I search any user id?

Yes, this service can be used for any public or private Instagram Id.

How many Instagram User IDs I can Find?

You can find as many users id you want. We don't put any threshold in the search limit.

Do you have an Instagram user ID API?

We don't have a public available API to get an Instagram user ID.

Is this tool safe to use?

Yes, our website is protected by an SSL certificate. Therefore you will not face any issues regarding safety.

Do you need my password to find the ID?

No, we don't ask for your email or password in order to find your user ID.